IC cluster funkiness

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 5 13:33:07 EDT 2003

IME, yesterday, you second set of bulb wierdness is from poor charging.  Did
you happen to note your voltage reading at the time?  I went through a good
sized puddle yesterday and got exactly those lights, ABS, Batt, Brake, with
the ABS being intermittant.  I also noticed no charge condition from volt
meter.  Got home, confirmed no charge and pulled the alt.  Dry, brushes fine
but bench tested at 11.5 volts, maybe toasted a diode.  New alt going in
today. (not bad, FLAPS Bosch remanned replacement, life warrantee, $188)

From: @comcast.netbenswann
I have had the symptoms of the faulty printed circuit board connection in
Instrument cluster on my '91 200 20V tqa, including high beam and indicator
lights glowing.  This has been intermittant and acts up mostly with high
humidity.  I had planned on getting around to repair, but has not been

Just today I had a different sympmtom pop up - the alt, ABS off, and brake
warning lights light just after starting and dont go out, as if the engine
stalled, but everything else is OK and no other problems other than the
lights.  Is this another symptom related to the same or adjacent PC board
problem, or is this an entirely new problem?

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