alt, ABS off, and brake lights lit..

Chris Payne cbpldc at
Fri Sep 5 07:10:00 EDT 2003

I actually had all of my idiot lights dimly lit when the cluster problem was at it's worst.  Of course, I've thrown a couple of Alt. belts in my time too.


--- benswann at wrote:
>OK - feeling pretty dopey on this one..
>I'm surprised nobody pointed me to the obvious before I found it..dropped an
>alternator belt.
>Didn't think about that since I was under the hood earlier and everything was
>OK.    What really made me look again was the big battery symbol - first time
>I'd seen that one.  Used a voltmeter to see voltage down to around 9V. engine
>was running like crap, not charging, hmmmm.  Funny how one can overlook
>something this simple thinking it is related to something more complicated.
>Looks like I can defer the IC repair back to priority 6 or 7.
>[I have had the symptoms of the faulty printed circuit board connection in the
>Instrument cluster on my '91 200 20V tqa, including high beam and indicator
>lights glowing.  This has been intermittant and acts up mostly with high
>humidity.  I had planned on getting around to repair, but has not been priority.
>Just today I had a different symptom pop up - the alt, ABS off, and brake
>warning lights light just after starting and dont go out, as if the engine
>stalled, but everything else is OK and no other problems other than the warning
>lights.  Is this another symptom related to the same or adjacent PC board
>problem, or is this an entirely new problem?
>Maybe its time to pull the IC if more than one problem can be fixed including
>installation of a check engine bulb.  I'm trying to tend to the more urgent
>problems first like bad tires and a brake hose, but this IC problem may need
>fixin soon.
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