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Fri Sep 5 10:27:42 EDT 2003

Agreed, and if I still own the car in a couple of years...and leaks develop
I expect I'll be kicking myself real good like.  But for of those
cross that bridge stories.

As to the soup, as long as you're going to use a controversial/uncoventional
lube, might as well be French Onion Soup here in the good ol' US of A!

Derek P

>Why? Well, like Derek and most others, I routinely use Pentosin to lube the
>new o-rings during installation. However--even though that procedure
>generally seems to avoid the major distortions responsible for rapid
>recurrance of leakage--it is all too common for leakage to recur within
>just a few years. I've always thought that this rather short o-ring
>lifetime was primarily a matter of shrinkage and/or hardening of the rubber
>(from the high-temperatures and possibly from chemical interactions between
>the rubber and Pentosin.) However, I now wonder if of some degree of o-ring
>stretching (even a small amount) during installation might contribute to
>significant reduction of seal effectiveness (i.e., lifetime). I realize
>that's pure speculation, however I think it's plausible enough to warrant
>the precaution of applying a better (better than Pentosin) lube to the
>Like the chicken-soup remedy--it couldn't hurt. (no, I don't advocate using
>chicken soup on the o-rings).
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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