Airbox question.

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Sun Sep 7 00:07:18 EDT 2003

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So I decided to change the air filter.
How hard could it be?

Nice instructions in the owners manual AND the Bentley:
"Take it to the dealer."  Yeah right.

So I found the hidden slotted screw and proceed to take it out.
Actually, two of us torqued the hell out of it and with the correct blade
screw driver & never slipped.  BUT WE stretched the bolt and snapped the head

So now I'm interested in trying to figure out if the back of the air box
(towards the firewall)
is supposed to have a clip to hold it together.
IF IT IS supposed to have one like the two on the front of the airbox, where
can I get one?

And why should a bolt into brass threads set in plastic sieze?  Different
(I forget the term to describe the different metals corrosion.)
TIA -Scott in BOSTON

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