Getting to Montauk, NY

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Sep 8 12:39:30 EDT 2003

We're heading to Montauk for a niece's wedding.

One of the map services recommends going to Connecticut and taking a ferry
across Long Island Sound.

AAA says to drive through New York City to get to the Long Island
Expressway to get to Montauk.

Anybody got advice regarding which route will be easiest?

Secondly, I'm hauling a blanket chest I made for the niece  ( )  on a Yakima roof rack I got for use
on the V8 (didn't know such things existed for non-avant cars).  It'll be
all wrapped up/tied up in protective padding and tarps.  Will I be
subjected to untying and all for inspection if I cross through Canada on my
way from Michigan to New York?  Might I be further ahead to travel the
dreaded Ohio turnpike and avoid crossing borders instead?

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