18 wheels

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IMHO, it will work but will result in a very stiff ride.

I'd run 245/35R18 or 255/35R18 to keep rolling diameters
close to original but once you get to these sizes, unsprung
weight becomes very noticeable- a lot of the RH wheels are
quite heavy, will really degrade your ride.

For the price of some of those wheels, I'd be looking at
the BBS RS-GT, SSR Competition, Speedline 2-pc. or something
like that instead.


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Hi every one I was wondering if anyone has 18 in wheels on their 200 and
what tire size they have on there wheels. I was thinking about putting
the otteigner re 18x8 on the 200 or the rh ag cup 18x8.5
not sure if it would fit with my suspension which is H&R sport springs
and bilsteins. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Bernstein
91 Audi 200

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