Racing an Audi, new venue?

Brandon Hull Hull at
Fri Sep 5 12:30:30 EDT 2003

Since I first posted I've been told that an A4 has already run in one of
the GTS races.   Glad to hear you are running the Coupe GTs but it would
be great to see some Quattros out there too...

> We will be running an almost stock 1986 Coupe GT in not only ITB
> but GTS1 as well.  Our other coupe will be a firebreathing 10V Turbo
> Coupe GT)
> --- "Brett Dikeman" <brett at> wrote:
> >> I'm already talking to these guys about entering a couple of cars
of my
> own.
> >
> >Couple?
> >
> >Brett

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