[V8] Getting to Montauk, NY

Coleman, David David.Coleman at blackrock.com
Mon Sep 8 13:17:22 EDT 2003

Re: customs, you'd probably slip from US to Canada w/ no problems, but coming back there's a good chance they'd want a peek, unless maybe if the tarp and padding were transparent.

On my frequent trips from DE to VT, it's a little quicker to go thru NYC, but I avoid it for two reasons:  the road conditions, i.e. pavement, are horrible.  With a nice piece such as that chest on my roof, that'd be enough reason for me to go around.  Also, the traffic and more specifically, the drivers are too unpredictable.  It's crazy sometimes.

Also, unless you're Cannonballing it, I'd go the ferry route just because I could.  Generally a nicer drive.  There's piecemeal construction along I95 in CT, but not too too bad.  The drive out the LIE is a phuggin' drag anyway.  Unless you want to hop off at Amityville and piss the neighborhood off by trying to find the "Horror House"...


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> Subject: [V8] Getting to Montauk, NY
> We're heading to Montauk for a niece's wedding.
> One of the map services recommends going to Connecticut and
> taking a ferry
> across Long Island Sound.
> AAA says to drive through New York City to get to the Long Island
> Expressway to get to Montauk.
> Anybody got advice regarding which route will be easiest?
> Secondly, I'm hauling a blanket chest I made for the niece  (
> http://www.pbase.com/image/20944603 )  on a Yakima roof rack
> I got for use
> on the V8 (didn't know such things existed for non-avant
> cars).  It'll be
> all wrapped up/tied up in protective padding and tarps.  Will I be
> subjected to untying and all for inspection if I cross
> through Canada on my
> way from Michigan to New York?  Might I be further ahead to travel the
> dreaded Ohio turnpike and avoid crossing borders instead?
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