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Mon Sep 8 18:01:44 EDT 2003


I have a Stebro system on my 200q20v - both center and rear sections.

It's been a while since I had the original exhaust, but my memory of that was
it was quiet.

The Stebro is definately louder - at idle and any speed.  Occasionally, it
will set off someone's car alarm when crusing in a parking garage.  I've
gotten used to it, although sometimes it can be a bit fatiguing.

The muffler shop had a bit of a chore installing it.  And, a rear bracket
broke after about a year, because it was too flimsy.  Had that repaired.

The Stebro was recommended by Keith Anderson (Anderson Motor Sports).  I
don't really have anything to compare the Stebro to, so I can't necessarily
recommend it (nor Keith either, for that matter.)  But, people often comment
about the nice rumble of the engine.


> I was thinking about a exhast system and was looking into the stebro anyone
> have one on their 200. I was wondering what it sounded like at idle and what
> it sounds like when you get on it and at idle speeds. Thank you. And can you
> tell me if you have the rear or center or whole section. Any suggestion or
> help would be greatly appreciated.
> Joe Bernstein
> 91 Audi 200
> Canton Ohio
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