Speaking of Wheels . . .

Kerry Griffith i2k at xmission.com
Mon Sep 8 21:18:02 EDT 2003

Anyone have pics of a 200q with ur-S4 wheels? I'm tempted from time to time,
but can't quite picture it. I very much like the way the ur-S6 wheels look
on my car, but I sure wish they were forged like the ur-S4 wheels and the
original BBS.
Just as a reminder, I long ago posted to the list that contrary to what
seemed to be a common misconception, many wheels do fit on our cars with
UFOs. I've had ur-Q 15x8 and 15x6, as well as the current ur-S6 wheels. I'm
confident that the aforementioned ur-S4 wheels will fit, as well as the
Fuchs found on some ur-Qs and early 5000tqs.

Wish I had help for Joe Bernstein regarding 18" wheels, but I don't.


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