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I run 17" which for the street seems to be just right (maybe even too big).
IMHO on stock set up.
I'm not sure you'd get any extra benefit going to the 18" rim.
It just seems like a 52x cd player is just as good as a 40x cd player to make
an analogy.
I'd entertain 16" rims for street use.  I've "bubbled" the sidewall on two
17" tires on not so bad looking pot holes on rural roads.
I tracked my stock 200 at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen and was pleased at the
handling (sans body roll) on the 17" for a large car.
Two years ago, I tracked an 10v avant with stock 15" wheels which was MUCH
MUCH worse.

Also:  IMHO the H&R lowering is cancelled by the Bilstein increase in -ride-
I'd go for stiffer OEM style Boge and the H&R (as my wish list) but that may
lead to the "list talk" about camber plates and mis-alignment troubles.
The (IMHO) cancelling effect of the Bilstein's (when used with lowering
spings like H&R MAY help you with your quest for 18" wheel fitment.

The wheels listed on this web site below, rubbed in a 200 10V avant but are
the perfect fit (IMHO) on my 200 20V sedan:

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> Hi every one I was wondering if anyone has 18 in wheels on their 200 and
> what tire size they have on there wheels. I was thinking about putting the
> otteigner re 18x8 on the 200 or the rh ag cup 18x8.5
> http://www.gmpperformance.com/products/wheels_tires/wheels/rh_wheels.htm
> not sure if it would fit with my suspension which is H&R sport springs and

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