Correct size & P/N for hydraulic v-belt

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Tue Sep 9 01:39:31 EDT 2003

This may not make much difference, but the family album
specifies two different sizes (lengths) for the hydraulic
v-belt.  Illustration 21-20 of the "hydraulic pump" in
the "Engine, Clutch" main group specifies 12.5x992mm.
Illustration 152-50 of the "v-belts" in the "Electrical
Systems" main group calls for 12.5x960mm; so do the Owners
Manual and the Bentley.

I use the 960s as they keep the hydraulic lines near
the pump a little farther from the side of the radiator
(that I don't want them to rub against).

960mm P/N is 068 260 849
992mm P/N is 035 260 849 C


Ukiah, CA

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