Correct size & P/N for hydraulic v-belt

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Tue Sep 9 09:56:44 EDT 2003

When I called SJM or Rod (I cannot remember which) to order belts, I was
asked to look at the car and see which length of belt, 960 or 992, was
actually in use for the hydraulic pump.  IIRC, mine had a 960.  It was
speculated that the bracket used for the hydraulic pump is the part that
makes the difference, though I never checked the Family Album to see if
two different pump brackets were available.  It is my understanding that
if you need the 960 mm belt and try to use the longer 992 that you will
not be able to properly tension the belt, though I have not BTDT.
Conversely, if you require the 992 and try to use the 960 you may have
trouble installing the belt, but again I have not BTDT.

I did once get a belt for the hydraulic pump on our 1989 200q Avant (10v
MC) that was somehow too long even though it was the correct part
according to the parts guy.  The belt would not tighten properly so I got
a shorter one of the same width and it worked fine.  I now suspect that my
1989 200q Avant may have the same 960 vs. 992 issue but I never have
verified it.

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