Throttle position sensor/circuitry checking w/resp. to poor fuel econ. '91 200 20v tq

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Wed Sep 10 20:13:59 EDT 2003

Yes - loopback through the pins in question (all the way to ECU and back)
exhibit little resistance.  As I've been saying, I don't think there is a
wiring problem.  I don't know why folks seem to second guess my methodology, as
the original question posed goes unanswered.

There may still be a wiring problem, as sometimes it seems you've checked these
things out thoroughly and you find you missed something.

Essentially, I have followed diagnostics procedure given in the Bentley on 2
separate cars.  Seems strange that the ECU/wiring is hosed in both cars in the
same way, unless this is a common point of failure, which is what I am trying
to find out.

Has anyone else experenced a desrepancy in the voltage tests for the throttle
body sender/switch?  I'm not talking about testing the sender, but the voltage
to pins 1 and 3 and perhaps otheres.

> > I was going to run a parallel wire outside the
> > harness just for a check.  I
> > betting well have the same voltage - maybe not.  I
> > don't think it is wiring.
> > It is like 3.5 V comingdirectly out of ECU rather
> > than expected 5V.
> Wouldn't it be much simpler to just use an ohmmeter
> to check resistance between the TPS and ECU
> connector?
> Matt
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