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Thanks a lot for checking.  It seems like there is quite some variation in the
readings.  Anyone else checked theirs.  Two cars I've checked have voltage
around 3.5V.

Bently says voltage between pins 1 and 3 on TPS connector should be 5V.  If not
then bad wiring or ECU.  Assuming I have correctly checked my wiring, then what
causes this variation.

Note:  Wiring diagram indictes a straight thru connection between TPS and ECU
on Pin 3m, so really not much else there to test.


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Subject: Re: Throttle position sensor/circuitry checking w/resp. to poor fuel
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Well, on my TPS, voltage between pins 1 and 2 is 5V..in spec per Bentley.
Between pins 1 and 3, 1.6 volts. Not even close to Bentley spec. My car is
chipped with IA III+ and runs strong, with no problems. I'm going to have to
check the mileage, to see what I'm getting.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA]

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