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Tue Sep 9 23:10:24 EDT 2003

> It's been a while since I had the original exhaust, but my memory of that was
> it was quiet.
> The Stebro is definately louder - at idle and any speed.  Occasionally, it
> will set off someone's car alarm when crusing in a parking garage.  I've
> gotten used to it, although sometimes it can be a bit fatiguing.
> The muffler shop had a bit of a chore installing it.  And, a rear bracket
> broke after about a year, because it was too flimsy.  Had that repaired.
> The Stebro was recommended by Keith Anderson (Anderson Motor Sports).  I
> don't really have anything to compare the Stebro to, so I can't necessarily
> recommend it (nor Keith either, for that matter.)  But, people often comment
> about the nice rumble of the engine.
> > I was thinking about a exhast system and was looking into the stebro anyone
> > have one on their 200. I was wondering what it sounded like at idle and what
> > it sounds like when you get on it and at idle speeds. Thank you. And can you
> > tell me if you have the rear or center or whole section. Any suggestion or
> > help would be greatly appreciated.

I too have a Stebro on my 200.  Full system, including cats.  It is louder than
stock, but not oppressive.  On the highway, as long as I'm not on the gas, it's
no worse than stock.  I like it.  Nice rumble.

I have picks of the install here:

Still need to capture a sound bite.  Maybe this weekend.

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