Speaking of Wheels . . .

benswann at comcast.net benswann at comcast.net
Thu Sep 11 02:54:56 EDT 2003

Clarification - the 15X7 Fuchs work great on the 200 20v tq.  They just need
spacers on the front wheels.  I am using 15mm spacers on front wheels.  Fuchs
mounted on the avant - work great.  Wondering why I chased a set of new tires
so desparately as they do as good with 205/60 Pirelli as the 225/60 Yokahamas I
had on the BBS wheels.

I did end up getting Yokahama ABS db, albiet reluctantly as Pilot XGTs were way
too much and the Conti Extreme were back ordered for a long time.  I hope they
will be better the the earlier ABS tires I took off.

But in the meantime I've been driving around with the Fuchs (possibly for
sale).  They look great and do fine on the car.

The UrS 5-spoke 16x8 wheels will fit, because UFO brakes were
standard equipment on the S4 in '92 and '93. I'm pretty sure
the 15x7 Fuchs will not fit, a lister has tried them w/o success.


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