3B distributor GOOD KARMA trouble!

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Wed Sep 10 23:19:28 EDT 2003

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Bad Karma:  Don't think timing belt..........
Distrib(s) Bosch should come with an updated metal gear.
While I got mine from Chris at forcefive, the tally ended up being ~$270 when
I got it.
Try Scott Mockry or Rod at TPC

I have the old distrib and busted gear here on my desk.  New metal gear here
Pictures available.  Just trying to help the list after you've helped me!

-Scott in BOSTON good karma today by putting sweat equity into my Bobcat 743
skidsteer which stumbled at WOT and died only to easily restatrt and idle:
Drained fuel tank and got junk, rust and some wax out of it. 1.5 hours later
I was workin'....................(did fuel filter three days prior (exact same

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> Can you purchase just the
> gear? If not, how much should I expect to pay for a replacement

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