Audi 4000 Turbo Conversion (long)

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You're more than welcome to learn from my experience and others like me, see for starters, and also


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[I'm considering a turbo conversion on 4kq. I would like to know what are the
pro's and con's of each setup, KH, MC (1 or 2), 3B. I'm tending more to the
3B, but information is the most important thing so before I start I would
like some opinions.

Vehicle current status
New 90q leather interior
Money to me is a certain
liability, I just got married and there are other things to consider. I'm
more worried on long term, rather than short term.

2. which engine is the best setup - out of the box -
3. most easily tuned
4. peak hp tuning possibility in each one.
5. clutch and flywheel options
6. if there is anything else that you think might be valuable to me

in the first stage I did not want to spend more than $5,000 in materials and
tools, not counting my time of course.

I know it might be unfair, but I would like to learn from everyone's
experience, so that it could be easier for me, I'm willing to recompense to
a certain extent everyone that helps. I have a big house with a decent back
yard so get togethers are not a problem.

I thank everyone in advance I'm not expecting answers at lighting speed, I
thank everyone that will take time and share wisdom with me.


Pedro Faria
Roselle, New Jersey
4kq - getting a facelift]

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