Snow tires & summer driving

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed Sep 10 23:59:07 EDT 2003

  IF they are the H Rated PILOT Alpins I'd say go for it.  But
if they are the Q-Rated Arctic Alpins I'd think twice.  They
might make it but the trip will likely destroy the tires (they
are probably already toast from the rubber hardening from
repeated heat cycling)  I believe they would make the trip,  as
logn as you keep the speeds reasonable, but its up to you.  I
wouldnt' do it. :-)

--- Patrick Yam <pkyam at> wrote:
> My 200 came with snow tires and I still haven't changed them
> yet.
> I am planning a trip at the end of this month to Utah, it will
> be over
> 2000 miles of driving, and I am wondering if there should be
> any concern
> about running Michelin Arctic Alpins for such extended periods
> at
> highway speeds in the desert summer?
> Pat
> '84 4kq
> '90 CQ --> //S2
> '91 200q20v
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