3B distributor trouble

BriceW at webtv.net BriceW at webtv.net
Thu Sep 11 03:41:43 EDT 2003

Rod Ramsey at www.thepartsconnection.com has the new distributor for
$256.00 with the new metal gear.Call 1-800-472-1144
That includes the special 3B rotor and the cap. Part no. is 034 905 205Q
If you are going to do a tune up and you have the old plastic gear
distributor you might as well get the new one with the metal gear with
the rotor and cap attached. You will be paying about $170.00 more for it
when you deduct the price of the rotor and cap. Plus you will save the
time on install with just replacing the rotor and cap.
It makes sense to change it ahead of time on a 13 year old car for
preventive maintenance.

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