Steve Hackett sbhack at
Mon Sep 8 16:09:43 EDT 2003

I had a Stebro on a 10v Turbo and the sound was OK but was a little noisy
for everyday driving (wife hated it), fit was good.  For my 20v I went with
a custom system from "Mufflex" in Trenton NJ (had to bring the car there) ( )
They were very helpful and 4.5 hours and $740 (half the cost of OEM - mine
was seriously rotted) later I was on my way - sound is good and volume is
just about where I wanted it.  System is all Stainless and I had them
duplicate the tips with the larger pipe size.  They used "MagnaFlow"
mufflers (  which would be
nice if you could get Stebro to use them.

Steve Hackett
Huntington, CT

>From: "Joe Bernstein" <audiboy44 at>
>To: 200q20v at
>Subject: stebro
>Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 11:12:53 -0400
>I was thinking about a exhast system and was looking into the stebro anyone
>have one on their 200. I was wondering what it sounded like at idle and what
>it sounds like when you get on it and at idle speeds. Thank you. And can you
>tell me if you have the rear or center or whole section. Any suggestion or
>help would be greatly appreciated.
>Joe Bernstein
>91 Audi 200
>Canton Ohio

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