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Thu Sep 11 12:30:09 EDT 2003

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Vag-Com allows reading of certain fields (channels)
two (from memory) refering to the 02 sensor.
Values are in the 111 range.  Bentley specs are on a table near the back of
the book.
They are listed as channels 01-12 I think.
Using Vag-Com on a warmed engine should give you a O2 reading so you can
decide whether your sensor is out of Bentley specs.
Then replacement may be needed and is up to you.
Sorry to be vague but none of the info is here at the moment.
-Scott in BOSTON HTH

I will document this someday soon.
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> Records show O2 sensor was replaced, but it is questionable and maybe worth
> doing.
> Will VAG-COM show anything regarding a marginal O2 sensor?  Just got mine.

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