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Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Sep 11 16:29:30 EDT 2003

At 1:59 PM -0400 9/11/03, Chewy4000 at wrote:
>My driveshaft is making too much noise noise after over a year of
>living with a little only when I was off the gas.
>Now it seems to make it all the time.
>Is it possible there some dampeners or something in there that can
>rattle around?
>I'll like to know what other models fit on out 200q20v?

The driveshaft, IIRC, is a special lightweight unit made of carbon
fibre and unique for the '91 200q (naturally). As to the noise--could
it be from the driveshaft's center bearing which is sometimes found
to be in need of replacement? I don't know the symptoms (sound) of a
bad bearing--others can comment on that. I believe a replacement
bearing is available by using a modified M-B part.

What about the U-joint?


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