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Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at
Thu Sep 11 16:37:48 EDT 2003

I'm pretty sure my drive shaft is metal and not carbon fiber. I remember
from when I removed it to do the clutch and when tapping it with a socket
wrench while adjusting the shift linkage recently.
Are you sure it was the 91 200q, or the UR coupe quattro's that have the
carbon fiber drive shaft.  Maybe Mine has been changed out by the PO?

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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>My driveshaft is making too much noise noise after over a year of
>living with a little only when I was off the gas.
>Now it seems to make it all the time.
>Is it possible there some dampeners or something in there that can
>rattle around?
>I'll like to know what other models fit on out 200q20v?

The driveshaft, IIRC, is a special lightweight unit made of carbon
fibre and unique for the '91 200q (naturally). As to the noise--could
it be from the driveshaft's center bearing which is sometimes found
to be in need of replacement? I don't know the symptoms (sound) of a
bad bearing--others can comment on that. I believe a replacement
bearing is available by using a modified M-B part.

What about the U-joint?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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