Rear End Clunk

benswann at benswann at
Thu Sep 11 18:22:20 EDT 2003

I'll put my odds on loose rear subframe mounting bolts.  Just tighten up all 4
a tad, no need to over do it.  You'll know if they are loose.

I spent months chasing this problem on '87 5ktqa doing things like new struts,
camberlinks, trans mounts control arm/trap bushings, etc. and each time got
more frustrated when the noise did not go away.  Tore the inside of the car
apart, and even in to the gas tank mounting - no, nothing there.  Got under the
car while freind bounced up and down and that is when the loose bolts were
revealed.  Easy fix that turns a car that sounds like it is coming apart into
one that feels like it came off the factory floor.

Too bad the car was totaled a few months later when someone pulled in front of
me and now sitting in the driveway with all these new parts.  - yes I am trying to find
someone who is interested in taking this project off my hands either before or
after completion - 2 avants!


[My 89 200 makes the same noise.  About 270k.  I did
change the seals and goo at 180k?.  My truck does the
same only much worse.  Tranny also.  Do the quat rear
diffs break?  Anybody break one or know of someone
breaking one?

Jim Accordino]

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