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Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 12 01:56:31 EDT 2003

why did you go 15 mm on the spacers when the offset diff is only 10?  To
make up for the 7=7.5 inch width discrepancy?  And why only on the front?
2 X 200 20V and Fuchs awaiting

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Clarification - the 15X7 Fuchs work great on the 200 20v tq.  They just need
spacers on the front wheels.  I am using 15mm spacers on front wheels.
mounted on the avant - work great.  Wondering why I chased a set of new
so desparately as they do as good with 205/60 Pirelli as the 225/60
Yokahamas I
had on the BBS wheels.

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