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Yes, we know it's a bit later than some years, but changes at PIR and other
planning difficulties delayed us a bit.

Registration and event hotel info are available on Audi Club Northwest's
homepage @ http://www.audiclubnw.org

Registration forms are linked from both the info page as well as the home page.

The biggest change that you're going to see immediately for this year is our
change of hotels.

To make life easier on participants, as well as centralizing our "non-driving"
portions of the event, the Portland North Harbour Courtyard on the Columbia
will serve as our base of operations.

It's a significantly nicer facility than the hotel we've used in past years as
well as offers the bonus of being accessible from PIR without having to get on
I-5 North!  (I know I'm not the only one who hating sitting in traffic trying
to get to Jantzen Beach!)

Hotel contact information is available on the event information page @

Please contact Bernie Strub (bstrub at rainymountain.com) or myself
(audidriver at rainymountain.com) with any questions.



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