Drive shaft fit

Chewy4000 at Chewy4000 at
Fri Sep 12 09:06:26 EDT 2003

The noise I have could be a combination of all 3 possible thing, that usually make noise. After 220,000mi., and possibly never lubing the u or ends. But I threw it on the lift last night and by lightly tapping the actuall metal shaft you hear an internal rattle. These shafts have like an internal dampner it looks like that, I guess just lossen up and rattle. So insted of changing both ends the u and this and that, I was thinking maybe I'll find another from a 100 5000 or 200, since there all the same.

I remember changing my friends 1990 coupe quattro fiber shaft for a noise it had. It was like the internal fiber cracked and made some vibrations and noises. I think the 20v non Turbos use the fiber shafts. I replaced his fiber with metal.


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