Speaking of Wheels . . (Fuchs).

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The nit that I do see in this thread is that there IS a difference in a wheel with the proper offset and a wheel with a spacer.
Wheel offset is the relationship between the wheel center line (rim) and the hub.
Using a spacer moves the entire wheel out from the wheel hub (out ward)

The real question is whether a proper hubcentric spacer and wheel would cause extra loading on the wheel bearing.
Possibly, but doubtful, especially if the tires are within the confines of stock diameter and the wheel well.

On the other hand, if you go to an undersized wheel that sticks waaaay out of the fenders...

My two pfennigs.


At 09:48 AM 9/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Nobody IMO.  What do you consider way out of spec?  I've been running
>Compomotive ET30 8 x 17's on the lowered 200 without a prob and did so on my
>old v8 as well (standard ET35 on 7.5" rim).  But the diff between a 35mm
>offset 7.5" wheel and a 30mm 8" wheel is negligible.  OTOH, for winter
>driving I picked up a set of 15mm hubcentric H&R wheel spacers for the Urq
>and the 7" wide ET45 Fuchs wheels, making them effectively ET30's -- the
>Stock Ronal R8's are ET 24 (8" width).  Incidentally, the 200q20v was
>running a set of Urq Ronals before I purchased it.  As long as the wheels
>can be tucked in under the fenders and don't hit things like steering arms,
>tie rods, brakes or the like, you should be OK.  Of course any change in
>wheel width and offset will affect the handling of your car...
>I'm with Bernie here -- except for non-hubcentric wheel spacers (which
>should be illegal IMO), I don't see the difference between running a
>complete forged/cast wheel without spacers and one made to be the
>equivalent.  The ONLY problem I see is of disparate materials causing lug
>bolt loosening -- another reason to frequently check the wheel lug torque --
>especially at the track.
>Or maybe I misunderstood the comment....
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>> Bernie-
>> What kind of idiot uses way oversize wheel spacers that put the
>> offset way out of spec? The same applies to wheel of the same offset.
>> Taka
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