Speaking of Wheels . . (Fuchs).

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Now that I think about it again, you are correct...spacer adds material to the hub to affect offset....which is the same as a different offset.


At 11:07 AM 9/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Ah, Peter!
>That's why I said  I don't see the difference between running a complete
>forged/cast wheel without spacers and one made with spacers to be the
>equivalent.  Yes, physically you're moving the wheel further out from the
>hub, but the spacer is designed to be an extension of the wheel, per se.
>For instance, if you're putting a 15mm spacer on the stock ET45 7" Fuchs,
>you'll have the equivalent of an ET 25mm 7" wheel.
>Unless you're going from positive to negative offset I really don't see a
>problem, as in most any case under positive offset situations, the
>tire/wheel combo will be further in than out with regard to hub mounting.
>Stock ET 35 7.5" wheel: 5.15" inside vs. 2.35" outside (BBS 200q20v/V8)
>Stock ET 45 7.0" wheel: 5.3" inside vs. 1.7" outside (Fuchs)
>ET45 7" w/ 15mm spacer (ET30): 4.7" inside vs. 2.3" outside (Fuchs w/ 15mm
>spacer) - What I bought the spacers for anyway
>ET24 8" wheel: 5" inside vs. 3" outside (Urq 15x8 Ronal R8)
>ET30 8" wheel: 5.2" inside vs. 2.8" outside (Compomotive MO)
>ET30 8" w/ 15mm spacer (ET15):  4.6" inside vs. 3.4" outside (Compomotive MO
>w/ 15mm spacer)
>Believe it or not, I'm currently running my ET30 Compomotives with the 15mm
>H&R hubcentric spacers on the v8q and all is fine...but this will not work
>if I lower the car in any way!  Then I'll be back to plain 'ol ET30 :-)
>'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
>'84 Tornado Red Urquattro
>'91 v8 quattro 5-Speed (not exactly stock) :-)
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>> Guys:
>> The nit that I do see in this thread is that there IS a difference in a
>wheel with the proper offset and a wheel with a spacer.
>> Wheel offset is the relationship between the wheel center line (rim) and
>the hub.
>> Using a spacer moves the entire wheel out from the wheel hub (out ward)
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