Oil Drain Plug Is A Bitch

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Haven't installed mine yet either, took my car to goodyear because I
couldn't get the drain plug off and didn't wamt tp destroy it.  They
destroyed it and then ordered a new one.  It was the wrong size and didn't
fit so I told them to put the stripped one back on and bought a fumoto,
waiting for the next oil change to install it.  Realized when I got home why
they had the wrong plug, they saw my old silver 84 audi 5000s on their
computer and put the pear 91 200q under that car type when writing up the
ticket.  I can understand them thinking maybed it just aged well, but the
color was different

oh well

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I took my 20V in today to the dealer for my 105,000 mile oil change and
emissions check,etc. Just one more stamp to get and I am totally done
with the dealer aside from recalls!
I just wanted to get the book stamped.
The dealer does not sell Audis but only VWs but is the only authorized
service center for Audi in Wichita,KS
I brought my own oil and oil filter. A Mobil 1 filter and 5 qts of
Mobil1 High Performance Turbo.
The bill from the dealer was $52.03
The VW mechanic could not get the oil plug off. I told them that this is
a common problem with my car and that I am now on my 3rd oil drain plug.
The mechanic destroyed the plug getting it off. They asked if they could
order me a new plug as they didn’t have one in stock.
I told them that I had one at home and asked for a loaner car to go get
It was the Fumato plug which I had bought over a year ago but was
hesitant about using. They installed it.
None of the mechanics had ever heard about not being able to get an oil
drain plug off before. They were dumbfounded.
Of course, I was dumbfounded as well when I tried to do my first 3B oil
change and couldn’t get the damn plug off.
I guess now oil changes will be easy.
I am curious as to the how many are using the Fumato plug and what the
positives and negatives are?
It appears to be a quality Made In Japan product.

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