Oil Drain Plug Is A Bitch

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sat Sep 13 01:26:40 EDT 2003

>I took my 20V in today to the dealer for my 105,000 mile oil change and
>emissions check,etc. Just one more stamp to get and I am totally done
>with the dealer aside from recalls!
>I just wanted to get the book stamped.
>The dealer does not sell Audis but only VWs but is the only authorized
>service center for Audi in Wichita,KS

There's nothing special about an oil change that requires taking it
to any sort of dealer.  Track down a VW/Audi independent shop in the
area if you're not comfortable doing the change yourself.

>The VW mechanic could not get the oil plug off.

200q20v's came with various oil plugs- I've got an 'innie' that
requires a large allen key socket, and is very similar to what's on
the Porsche 944, I think. I almost always had to use a short breaker
bar to get the plug off, no matter how little I'd torque it putting
it on, and even with brand new crush rings.  The plugs just seem to
lock up...

>  I told them that this is
>a common problem with my car and that I am now on my 3rd oil drain plug.

If you have the 'normal' plug, you may want to consider getting the
'innie' plug, as it's impossible to strip.  You'll need to find the
appropriate socket as well, of course.

>I am curious as to the how many are using the Fumato plug and what the
>positives and negatives are?

Dan and I both bought plugs- he bought several for his 'fleet'.

Most(all?) of them leaked.  Fumoto told me I had "installed it
incorrectly" when I emailed them.  As the brittish say, "bullocks".

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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