[urq] RE: Speaking of Wheels . . (Fuchs).

John Karasaki johkar at teleport.com
Sat Sep 13 11:39:08 EDT 2003

At 04:32 PM 9/11/03 +0000, benswann at comcast.net wrote:

>Also, they fit fine on the Ur Quattro too, although I did not verify if
>would occur under hard handling with the 205/60 tires that are a little taller
>than the 225/45 16" on wheels I took off for refurbishing.
>p.s. I will likely be selling this set of silver Fuchs with good tires, as I
>have plenty extra now.

Ben and all,

There is no rubbing on our '82 urq with 205/60/15 tires on the Fuchs
wheels.  That is the stock factory size, on a factory option.  BTW, our car
has H&R (or was it Eibach?) springs with koni shocks.

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