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I struggled similarly with getting the 4kq wiring to play with the NG ECU
harness wiring.  Check this out and see if it helps:


I had to pull both upper and lower fuseboxes out and run new fused circuits to
match the NG wiring specification for the 87.5 GT.

I still don't have it working with the FP relay for the NG, but it does work
with the 4kq relay.  I have to jumper per information found in Bentley to
trigger diagnostics and am still not able to initiate output tests.  For some
reason the relays I have don't work, even though the wiring appears to be what
it should - I don't know if I have the correct relay for an NG, as the one I
ordered for that purpose ended up haveing the same part no. as the one for an
MC-1/MAC-11 which I already found not to work.

I can let you know what else as I figure things out, but have kind of put
Project GTQ on backburner again so I can get UrQ painted and on the road.  I'll
be looking at MC harness install/retrofit, but no time soon.

Hope this helps some, at least in letting you know I found this to be a very
thankless frustrating ordeal that still has issues to iron out.  At least the
engine runs now.

Possible answers on 2. & 3. later.


[From: Eric <eric_audi.ql at mindspring.com>
To: quattro at audifans.com
Subject: Another turbo conversion comes to life

Well I finally drove my 4kq turbo swap today for the first time.  I have
a few remaining questions that I would love some help on.  The subject
is an 85 4kq with an 85 KH motor.

1.  The fuel pump relay is not playing well with others.  I can only run
the car if I jumper the relay which obviously is not a long term
solution.  Bently tells me to connection one of the pins from the KH ECU
to connection S on fuse box plug B.  This has connection to the fuel
pump relay.  Well I don't have a KH fuel pump and the 4k does not have
this connection (although BS still has a wire in it).

All I want is for the relay to do what it used to do.  I can't figure
out where anything I have removed would have changed this, but it has.
Does anyone have thoughts on how to get this working?  Alternatively
does anyone have any idea how to test a fuel pump relay.  I don't have a
spare handy to just swap it.  I don't know how I could have fried it,
but who knows.

2.  I am not sure how to hook up the fuel thingy mounted on the side of
the block.  I think it is the warmup pressure regulator or something
like that.  The 4k did not have one and I can seem to find it in the
Bentley (I know it must be there).  Should I just give it terminal 15
power and call it a day?

3.  Fault code system (from tach) - I can't figure out how to make it work.]

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