Oil Drain Plug Is A Bitch

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Sep 14 01:23:09 EDT 2003

Makes for easy/quick oil draining.  I used a bit of teflon tape on the
threads because of the brass/aluminum combination.  Some others have
reported slight leaks around the threads of the Fumoto.

At 03:01 AM 09/11/2003 -0500, BriceW at webtv.net wrote:
>I took my 20V in today to the dealer for my 105,000 mile oil change and
>emissions check,etc. Just one more stamp to get and I am totally done
>with the dealer aside from recalls!
>I just wanted to get the book stamped.
>The dealer does not sell Audis but only VWs but is the only authorized
>service center for Audi in Wichita,KS
>I brought my own oil and oil filter. A Mobil 1 filter and 5 qts of
>Mobil1 High Performance Turbo.
>The bill from the dealer was $52.03
>The VW mechanic could not get the oil plug off. I told them that this is
>a common problem with my car and that I am now on my 3rd oil drain plug.
>The mechanic destroyed the plug getting it off. They asked if they could
>order me a new plug as they didn't have one in stock.
>I told them that I had one at home and asked for a loaner car to go get
>It was the Fumato plug which I had bought over a year ago but was
>hesitant about using. They installed it.
>None of the mechanics had ever heard about not being able to get an oil
>drain plug off before. They were dumbfounded.
>Of course, I was dumbfounded as well when I tried to do my first 3B oil
>change and couldn't get the damn plug off.
>I guess now oil changes will be easy.
>I am curious as to the how many are using the Fumato plug and what the
>positives and negatives are?
>It appears to be a quality Made In Japan product.
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