[Audi20V_Kruemmer] Extrude Hone, prices?

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AFAIK, Extrude Hone is a proprietary process of the Extrude Hone company.
At one time, @ 2 -3 years age, there was a US competitor, I can't recall the
name, but I believe it was a fairly large corporation that decided to "get
out of the business." The story I heard was that they sold their machinery &
tooling to an employee who relocated their process to Florida some place,
but I was never able to track the successor organization down.  There is
also a group in Australia, Abrasive Flow Engineering, that have come up with
their own version of extrude honing.  http://www.abrasiveflow.com/

AFAIK I've yet to see any "quantifiable" numbers, i.e. like before vs. after
numbers off a dyno, but.... FWIW, the process was used by Ford on several of
its SVT project cars to purportedly meet designated design goals, i.e. the
SVT Coutour V6 engine for one.  Sometime ago, AutoSpeed did a write up on
the Australian process in which, if I recall, efforts were made to quantify
changes using an engine dyno and an ?? old truck or tractor motor?  In the
case of the Ford SVT motors, the intake manifolds are a rather complex
forms, & I would guess at least if not more importantly much more "lengthy"
in terms of the intake runners as compared to our UrS4 intake runner
manifolds.  Ford/SVT were so hot on the process that, at one time, if you
had proof of Ford SVT Cobra ownership, Extrude Hone would give SVT owners
something like a 10% discount on the process.  Abrasive Flow Engineering's
site reports ".... Flow charts listed soon...."  The AutoSpeed article was
"Power Porting" at http://www.autospeed.com/A_0622/cms/article.html

Some "general" performance claims for the process are outlined in
http://www.manufacturingcenter.com/tooling/archives/1297/1297tekup.html "...
Andrew and Albert have appointed a number of Melbourne-based agents, and the
results here have also been significant. Blue Chip Tuning has, as an
example, played with a VN Commodore 5.0-liter engine whereby in stock trim
the engine delivered 193 rwhp, however with ECU recalibration, twin cat
exhaust system and Power Ported inlet manifold it developed 235 rwhp!
Developments continue and are gaining pace. A Power Ported Tickford XR8
inlet manifold resulted in an average 53 cfm per runner increase..."

Perhaps more controversial claims regarding the process, and consequently
maybe of greater interest to the S-list are
http://www.audifans.com/archives/1995/12/msg00328.html  ~>

hummmmm 20%   I guess we could all skip the TO4E 46 to 50+ trim "upgrade"
and just extrude hone the fat turbo bastard  :-)

Turbulence for low end torque?  Why?  How is that supposed to work?

Anyway, HTH

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~what are the benefits of carrying this out on the IM, there was a
~on the S2forum a few days back and it only seemed worth doing if
~your after
~maximum hp but was a good thing to a point to create some
~turbulence in the
~air for low down torque?
~Is this right?
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~>Hi folks,
~>I know Extrude Honing is expensive, but is it the same price everywhere?
~>Is there a place to
~>get this done that would be cheaper than others?
~>I have an intake manifold that has some hard-to-reach spots that are
~>rougher than I'd like it
~>that I wouldn't mind haivng Extrude Hone ported if it wasn't as expensive
~>as the manifold
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