Ben Gibby jordad at
Mon Sep 15 00:01:43 EDT 2003

  I was driving to school last week and the Alt light came on. I have just
had the alternator rebuilt so I figured maybe a bad rebuild. Pulled alt and
tested it, it will make 116 Amps at full load and is pushing 14.9 volts not
loaded.  Cleaned all the connections and checked the splice, 12.9 at battery
and 12.8 at jump start post. Engine drops in note when light comes on and
sometimes when I rev it, the light will go out other times it will not.
  I checked the cooling fan circuits, no really high resistances, no open
circuits. Fan is slightly stiff, will not freewheel. I can turn on the A/C
and the low speed fan works fine and will cycle to high speed, otherwise no
fan movement. With the A/C on the cooling fan relay sizzles(cycles really
fast and sometimes will cut out completely).
  I am really stumped by this one and need any BTDT anyone can provide.
              Thanks, Ben

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