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Mon Sep 15 10:15:49 EDT 2003

At 11:01 PM +0000 9/14/03, Ben Gibby wrote:
>  I was driving to school last week and the Alt light came on. I have just
>had the alternator rebuilt so I figured maybe a bad rebuild. Pulled alt and
>tested it, it will make 116 Amps at full load and is pushing 14.9 volts not
>loaded.  Cleaned all the connections and checked the splice, 12.9 at battery
>and 12.8 at jump start post. Engine drops in note when light comes on and
>sometimes when I rev it, the light will go out other times it will not.

Check the alternator's blue wire (exciter) for a break or corroded
connection. This will cause your alternator to need high(er) RPMs to
generate a charging voltage--common problem.

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