Dies after hot start repeatedly

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 15 09:42:30 EDT 2003

I'll be curious to see what you come up with as I have the same problem on
my car.  I wound up just changing the check valve a couple of months ago,
but still running the original pump.

I have noticed it only happens for me on a hot car and a hot day, and the
car will only start, and stay started when this happens when I have my foot
on the gas.  I know good check valve, no leaks from bpv or hoseing, and
don't think ISV because only happens from hot start.

It was real funny a while ago watching a valet try to get my car out of the
parking garage on a hot day...I have to use heel/toeing to keep the car
alive in these situations...pretty sure he didn't get that merit badge yet.

Derek P

Message: 11
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 20:39:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Steve Scalmanini <sscalmanini at yahoo.com>
Subject: Dies after hot start repeatedly
To: 200q20v at audifans.com

I'm having this problem again some days, some not (TODAY!!*#%^).
It idles fine after I hold it above idle with the pedal for about
30-60 seconds after a hot start.  Until then, dies repeatedly if
I let off the pedal long enough for it to return to idle.

I replaced the fuel pump a year or so ago with the smaller-diameter
dealer model (VDO?) with (assumedly) the built-in pressure valve.
Could this symptom be due to something other than that valve dying?
Has anyone with their newer style pump had this happen?

Ukiah, CA

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