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Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at
Mon Sep 15 18:07:04 EDT 2003

I have no idea if the 20020v's came with synthetic trans oil. But one of the
things I always do when I buy an Audi or VW is change the trans oil to a
Redline synthetic (Swepco for Porsche's).

When I said a number of people, I guess that could have been taken to mean a
number of 20020v people, which is not the case. Actually, one 5ktq owner
said Redline made his car shift notably smoother. Maybe it previously had a
petroleum based fill , or maybe it had the factory synthetic which was old
not up to par. Not really sure.
The remainder of the "number of people" were VW and Porsche guys.

Sorry if my previous post was misleading in that regard.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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At 04:15 PM 09/12/2003 -0400, Steven Hauptmann wrote:

>Using synthetic oil in the transmission may also help improve shifting a
>little. I've heard from a number of people that have switched to synthetic
>and experienced smoother shifting.  Maybe someone who knows how syncro's
>work/fail can clue us in on if/why this seems to help. Anyway, I've been
>very happy with Redline in both my Audi and my VW's.

I thought the lube Audi used in the 200q20v WAS a synthetic????

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