stiff shift

Patrick Yam pkyam at
Mon Sep 15 17:13:41 EDT 2003

This is something I do too to all my quattros. So while we're on the topic
does anyone have the required oil weights on hand, for the gearbox and rear
diff? What are they?

I think on my other quattros I've used MT-90 and 75W-xx?

'84 4kq
'90 CQ --> //S2
'91 200q20v

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> I have no idea if the 20020v's came with synthetic trans oil. But one of
> things I always do when I buy an Audi or VW is change the trans oil to a
> Redline synthetic (Swepco for Porsche's).
> When I said a number of people, I guess that could have been taken to mean
> number of 20020v people, which is not the case. Actually, one 5ktq owner
> said Redline made his car shift notably smoother. Maybe it previously had
> petroleum based fill , or maybe it had the factory synthetic which was old
> not up to par. Not really sure.
> The remainder of the "number of people" were VW and Porsche guys.
> Sorry if my previous post was misleading in that regard.
> Steve Hauptmann
> South Carolina
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> At 04:15 PM 09/12/2003 -0400, Steven Hauptmann wrote:
> >Using synthetic oil in the transmission may also help improve shifting a
> >little. I've heard from a number of people that have switched to
> >and experienced smoother shifting.  Maybe someone who knows how syncro's
> >work/fail can clue us in on if/why this seems to help. Anyway, I've been
> >very happy with Redline in both my Audi and my VW's.
> I thought the lube Audi used in the 200q20v WAS a synthetic????

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