'91 200 quattros for sale in Portland, OR?

Ned Ritchie N at IntendedAcceleration.com
Tue Sep 16 03:04:31 EDT 2003


David Graebener in Carson City, Nevada has a Lago Blue Wagon.
IA stage III+ software

dgraebener at charter.net

And a killer Sound System, and I mean killer.  This David was of the
"Speaker Labs" in Seattle before he moved on to building planar
speakers, which are in this 1991 200 plus a huge Woofer I think in the
spare tire well.


You'd think this is set up for competition, except it is for quality NOT

He has pictures that he can send you.

Yes guys, Ned is impressed.


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I'm looking for a '91 200 quattro in the Portland, OR area.  Anywhere in
the Pacific Northwest, really...  I'm looking for something in the $4k
to $6k range.  Sedan or Wagon, doesn't matter.



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