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benswann at comcast.net benswann at comcast.net
Tue Sep 16 19:11:45 EDT 2003

This is the first time I have run VAG-COM on my '91 200 20V or any car for that
matter.   I selected individual Channel test under engine control module after
Auto Scan displayed no faults found.

Many of the channel readings I got with VAG-COM were so far out of range
compared to Bentley Displayed Value range I'm wondering if they are valid, or
is there some component that would throw al these readings so far out.  I show
a range of the reading I collected.  Two numbers are for a first and second
(repeat) test.

Here is what the readings were:
Channel     Range     Spec.      Description/comment
1           198       184-215    Seems OK for the temp. reading
2           87-88,104 20-25      can this be a valid reading for engine load?
3           37        77-83      RPM x 100?  I did not abserve RPM dropping and
the number did not change

4           39        121-135    Idle Stabilizer Operating range - way high
5           253-254   80-125     ISV Curve zero point
6           3-4       123-127    ISV adaptation
7           11-155    41-55      ISV curve control
8           12        123-133    O2 sensor control
9           193, 197  115-141    O2 sensor adaptation
10          93-94,108 8-12 BTDC  Momentary Ignition angle -I know timeing can't
be that far advanced

Any ideas as to why many of these readings seem so far away from the (ideal)
displayed value range given in the Bentley?

Also, noticed channel readings for numbers way beyond 10 - values were mostly
numbers from channels 1-10.  Why is that?

I'm just geting familiar with Motronic diagnostics.



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