?s re VAG-COM Readings

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Sep 16 16:26:14 EDT 2003

> Many of the channel readings I got with VAG-COM were so far out of range
> compared to Bentley Displayed Value range I'm wondering if they are valid

Some of the values have specific conditions- certain accessories on/off for
load, and certain engine temperatures or run-times for others, like the
lambda(O2) adaptation values.

> Any ideas as to why many of these readings seem so far away from the (ideal)
> displayed value range given in the Bentley?

If you have a value outside a certain range, consult the troubleshooting
chart- it explains what over/under values translate into for each parameter.

> Also, noticed channel readings for numbers way beyond 10 - values were mostly
> numbers from channels 1-10.  Why is that?

Only group 0 is 'valid' on the 3B- beyond that, can't tell you much.  I think
older versions of VAGCOM actually locked you out from anything save group 0 on
the older ECUs.  It's possible some of those are more internal registers, but
I wouldn't trust them for squat; they may be values before processing or some
such, used for debugging the ECU during the design phase.


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