Hoses and adhesives

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Sep 17 14:02:11 EDT 2003

As part of the timing belt/water pump/idler replacement I'm commencing, I'm
also replacing the radiator and all coolant hoses, the hydraulics pump and
bomb and the crankcase breather hoses.

After taking off the bumper cover (more about that below), I pulled the
lower hose to the auxiliary radiator to drain the coolant.  I got about a
gallon?  How can I get out the other gallon easiest?

About the bumper cover, last winter someone smacked the front of the car in
a sideways blow that broke the fixture that slides into the retainer that's
mounted to the fender.  That fixture is installed by apparently heating
plastic posts to form a plastic rivet.  I drilled out the rivet part
holding on the fixture so I can replace it with one from the parts car I
used to have.  I tried to epoxy a set of bolt threads in the holes left
where the plastic posts were, but the epoxy didn't hold.

Does anyone know what adhesive would bond with the plastic in the bumper
cover so I can fasten on the bolts to attach the fixture?  My alternative
(I'm sure a replacement bumper cover would be way beyond any justifiable
cost) is to run some stainless screws threw from the outside, which I
really don't want to do if avoidable.

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