3B distributor- metal gear

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Wed Sep 17 10:46:55 EDT 2003

Jerry! You da man! That was me that recently busted my distributor gear.
The sad news is that I wasn't smart enough to search the market place
and I just ordered a new distributor yesterday. Scott M was slightly
cheaper at ~$260, but before I got the quote from Scott, Rod at TPC
hooked me up with one for about $280. They're slightly higher priced
than they were a few months ago since the american $$ has been dropping
like a rock.

I removed my distributor and took pictures for everyone. I still have to
post them though. I'll try to get to this tonight. Either way, the
carnage isn't great. Many small pieces of gear came out, but not enough
to make a whole gear. I'm hoping that the rest made it in to the oil
pan, which when I change my oil (if the nut comes off that is) I'm
hoping they'll fall out.

I'll send a link to the list as soon as I post the images.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer
University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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