Airbag Reserve PN

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Wed Sep 17 22:27:53 EDT 2003

Yes, that is the part # I had also. It is $121.89 from Clair. I checked
on it, but didn't end up needing one. I had the air bag light for 1-2
minutes after starting the car, but then it went out. I made an adapter
and connected a Hex-Com to it. Pulled a couple of codes, then reset the
codes. The light has been normal ever since (goes out within 4 seconds).

BTW, if you try to hook up a Hex-Com, you'll need to find the connectors
behind the left side panel of the center console. It isn't integrated
into the main diag connectors. (I have a picture if you want one).


PS. for anyone looking, I have the details of how to adapt a 2x2 diag
connector to an OBD-II connector (on the Hex-Com or similar tool).

quattro + 5 or 8 = fun wrote:

> Anyone have the airbag energy reserve part number available?  I don't know
> what ETKA calls it ergo can't find it on my ETKA.  The closest thing I think
> it is 443 959 659, which is the current accumlator.
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