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Before you buy the O2 sensor, make sure you do your fuel diagnostic tests.
Many have been fooled into replacing O2 sensors when they are working just
fine, it's a fuel injector out of spec, a bad MAF, a bad FPR, or bad Fuel pump,
filter, relay.  Since you say the PO had done O2 recently, I'd definitely
encourage the fuel tests first.  I just went through this on a 95 v6 audi with O2
codes. (=2 bad FI).  Could be the O2 is operating exactly how it should, given
the problem.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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It all points to the 02 sensor.  I had only suspected it a little as P.O.
indicated it had been changed recently.  I really don't know what else it
be and now VAG-COM seems to confirm that.

Yes the car has Mihnea's chip which is running as good or better than with
Lehman, but still has my complaint of poor fuel economy that has been since I
got the car.  I think the low reading (51) on channel 9 explains it now.

I'll follow up in a few days and post the outcome.

>Yes.  I had ch.8 running in 130-140 range, after
>changing O2 sensor it is hovering right around
>128 as it should.  I also have ch.6 running high.
>Bentley suggests air leak but that is not the case,
>pressure testing holds air for several minutes.
>Ch.9 should also move where it should with the O2
>change.  Are you chipped?  I've noticed that with
>IA3+ ch.9 runs high, but with stock code it is right
>on spec.
>After changing the O2 sensor you may want to cycle
>the power to the ECU to reset the adaptations.
>--- benswann at comcast.net wrote:
>>Thanks Matt, that was it.
>>Found a few values at the edge or out of range:
>>Channel   Value   Normal range   Description
>>6      132    123-127      ISV load
>>8      133-136 123-133      Oxy Sensor Control
>>9      51    115-141      Oxy Sensor
>>Does this sound like I have a failing O2 sensor?
>>>Not individual channel test, you need to go to
>>>Basic Measurements, block 000.
>>>--- benswann at comcast.net wrote:
>>>>This is the first time I have run VAG-COM on my
>>>>200 20V or any car for that
>>>>matter.   I selected individual Channel test
>>>>engine control module after
>>>>Auto Scan displayed no faults found.
>>>>Many of the channel readings I got with VAG-COM
>>>>so far out of range
>>>>compared to Bentley Displayed Value range I'm
>>>>wondering if they are valid, or
>>>>is there some component that would throw al
>>>>readings so far out.  I show
>>>>a range of the reading I collected.  Two numbers
>>>>for a first and second
>>>>(repeat) test.

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