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Fuel diagnostics are in the Bentley.  Vag com helps you, but isn't necessary.
 You are looking for spray pattern of injectors, resistance across injectors,
fuel output of fuel pump (xxx cc's per xx seconds), fuel pressure in the
rail, duty cycle of injectors, good oring seals...

With a 200, having the Bentley helps for the DIY or DIYW(annabe).  Vag com is
a nice addition, but isn't necessary either, you can get codes building the
LED test light that SJM has instructions for on his site.


In a message dated 9/18/2003 9:52:09 PM Central Daylight Time, eugene at bcl.bz

> Scott, could you tell more about how "fuel diagnostic tests" are done?
> Regardless, I am thinking about getting VAG-COM myself....
> Eugene.

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